By IDOX Soft

Businesses nowadays are in a deep need of implementing customer relationship management system as it makes deals go smoothly, increases business efficiency and improves work effectiveness. However, there are different types of customer relationship management the custom CRM system and the off-the-shelf one. But, which is better and why?

Well, custom CRM system is better in most cases.         

Why Custom CRM system is better than the Standard One?

  • Custom CRM system means that you’ll have a CRM that is tailored to your requirements and the functions that assist your business and therefore it’s somehow considered cheaper than the standard CRM as you’ll only pay for the needed functions. However, the standard CRM means that you’ll pay for functions that you may never use as such functions don’t suit your business which is a waste actually,
  • Using a custom CRM system is easier than using a standard one as you can organize it in a way that is familiar to your business workflow so your employees will never find difficulties when using it,
  • You need a CRM that is adapted to fit your business processes not to adapt your business processes to fit the CRM especially if you have a unique business model and that’s what custom CRM system do,
  • By using a custom CRM system, you’re the one in charge of everything regarding the sales deals. So, you can assign specific tasks to specific employees using the software.

Off-the-Shelf CRM system can be better than the custom CRM system in case that your business requirements are too generic and fixed. So, you will find the functions and features you’re looking for in the off-the-shelf CRM.