iDOX Go Real Green

Nature Doesn’t Need People … People Need Nature Nature is how we survive- it starts the food chain, it gives us fresh air to breathe and it also gives us energy and resources not to mention medicines and energy for our souls. We need to respect nature as part of respecting ourselves and future generations. The growing number of people on the planet and how we live here is going to determine the future of nature, and the future of us. We use paper every day for so many things that we don’t even think about the world without it, Did you ever ask yourself how many trees will be cut down to make 1 kg of paper? There are Billions of trees were cut down to produce the papers. We understand that it’s not easy to dispense the use of paper, but with our solution “iDOX” which include Document workflow that reduces papers traded during daily work, based on that you will reduce the use of paper and therefore play a big role in saving the trees from being cut down, because with “iDOX Go Real Green” we are not only saving trees; we are planting trees. By use our solution “iDOX” you will be part of saving nature through your daily work by reducing the use of paper. We are a corporate supporter of Trees for Life. We are a corporate supporter of We Forest.

IDOX Clients

iDOX Client comes with the most extensive features. The software optimizes production by streamlining the various processes across multiple departments within and outside an organization. The audit trail features allows concerned personnel to keep a close eye on employees and monito

Idox smart App

Key Benefits Access to repository on smart phones Capture image through Smart Phone and transfer into iDOX Smart App Integrated security Collaboration

Idox Web App

Key Benefits Access to repository through web browser Security & Confidential Collaboration Used on Multiple Platforms No capital spent on hardware Frees IT staff from internal business