By IDOX Soft

We in iDOX are raising the slogan of “GO GREEN and SAVE THE GREEN” thus we aim to save the world by providing iDOX the eco-friendly software that eliminates the usage of papers.

So, in the Earth Day, we’re tackling the benefits you’re going to reap by using iDOX.

How to GO GREEN by using iDOX?

Well, as using papers requires cutting down a huge number of trees which leads to destroying the nature and greenery, iDOX is a document management systems that turns any paper-based documents into digital formats. So, by implementing such software in your organization you’ll be a major part of environmental protection.

iDOX GO GREEN doesn’t only save nature by saving trees from cutting down but also helps to plant more trees as we believe that saving nature is the main step of saving our lives and our children future.

Have you ever asked yourself how many trees need to be cut down to make 1 kg of paper? Well, you need to know that billions of trees got cut down for producing papers which we can abandon In order to save the nature.

How does iDOX “GO GREEN” Work?

iDOX works to scan, retrieve and track your organization whole documents and papers and store them on the server as digital formats whether these documents were invoices, financial reports, contracts, etc.

Also, in recognition of the importance of environment protection, we’re a corporate supporter of Trees for Life and We Forest charities that aim to save nature and GO GREEN.