Want to know how iDOX can help? Allow our consultants to review and analyze your business processes to get you the perfect solution Our highly qualified consultation team works hand-in-hand with you to identify and analyze your current IT needs specifically related to Document Management. Our team of experts consist of professionals from different IT backgrounds with decades of experience in tackling some of the toughest problems businesses face in today’s dynamic environment. Our dedicated collaboration strategist will partner with you to: Perform Thorough Review of Current Business Processes Identify Critical Business Functions Analyze Business Process & System Design Recommend Specific Configurations to Offer Highest Business Value Offer Recommendations to Ensure Your Business is Setup Right- From The Start iDOX Document Management System helps your business completely eliminate paper usage by scanning your documents and keeping your data on secure servers with the highest level of security. You will be able to access the desired content, save trees in the process and fulfil your social responsibility.