By IDOX Soft

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future yes. However, we are actually using it nowadays in a way or another maybe it still in the first phases but most of us are familiar with that great technology.

There are numerous applications of artificial intelligence around us that we are going to spot the light on, in the following lines.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Siri

Who doesn’t know Siri? All iPhone users know Siri very well. It’s a great application of artificial intelligence as it understands you and your requests. You ask Siri to call or text someone, to create an event or a reminder and any other request. It’s a great assistant from Apple that uses machine learning to develop.

  • Amazon

Have you ever think how Amazon knows what you’re looking for and offer it for you?

Well.. this is AI as Amazon is one of the applications of artificial intelligence that seize the algorithms of the AI by knowing what its customers are looking for what makes them gain a lot of money.

  • Facebook

Facebook is also one of the applications of artificial intelligence and you sure noticed that whenever you post a photo of you and a group of your friends and Facebook automatically tags them. This is AI.

  • Netflix

Netflix also uses AI algorithms to recommend its customers movies based on their behavior, likes and reactions.

  • Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are wonderful applications of artificial intelligence as these smart devices control all home requirements on your behalf. When leaving the home, lights and doors will be closed, when staying at home, the ac will adjust the weather upon on your preferred degrees and so on.

Applications of artificial intelligence make life easier, and as it’s developing by time, one day we’ll find our life much easier than watching a movie.